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Top 5 Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Apps

Ultrasound utilization by Emergency Medicine physicians has dramatically increased over the last several years (1). In the Emergency Room we use Ultrasound for a multitude of settings, ranging from FAST exams, to diagnosing hydronephrosis or evaluating for cardiac effusion (2). As a majority of Emergency Rooms have started to store ultrasound machines in their department, […]

Learning the art of ultrasound with Ultrasoundpaedia’s Android App, Vascular Ultrasound

Ultrasoundpaedia literally brings part of their online educational resources to the Android platform with their series of webapp-esque ultrasound apps. Vascular Ultrasound, one representing app from their series, although nicely ported to the android smartphone, but because of poor navigation design, formatting issues, and absent content compared to the Ultrasoundpaedia’s website really discourages its use.

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