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Should you consider prescribing Facebook to older patients?

A graduate student from the University of Arizona, Janelle Wohltmann, is studying whether Facebook use can improve older adult cognitive performance and make them feel more socially connected. Her preliminary findings show that after using Facebook, older adults performed about 25 percent better on tasks designed to measure their ability to continuously monitor and to quickly add or delete the contents of their working memory, also known as “updating”.

Tweetchat on barriers to adoption of mobile devices

On Wednesday, iMedicalApps held a tweet chat on barriers to adoption of mobile devices in practice. Some key points from the chat were: Workplace barriers may exist in forms of coworkers or patients from adoption The need for more education on usage of devices for both students and current practitioners Development from industry to encourage […]

Don’t miss this Wednesday’s mHealth chat with Dr. Eric Topol

On Wednesday, August 8, the #mHealth chat will feature special guest Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute and author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Healthcare. Last week, we reviewed his book on iMedicalApps. Dr. Topol is a prominent cardiologist and geneticist.  He attended medical […]

mHealth chat returns tonight at 9pm ET on Twitter!

The iMedicalApps #mHealth chat is back on tonight on Twitter at 9pm ET!  We are excited to chat with everyone again. Tonight we will discuss the use of mobile apps and websites for personal health, what makes them effective, what works and what doesn’t to maximize user engagement. We hope you will join us tonight […]

Let’s talk medical apps and the FDA: #mHealth Chat Special Edition Tonight

How should mobile medical apps be regulated by the FDA? Last year the FDA released a proposed set of guidelines for the regulation of certain mobile health apps that control a regulated medical device, or manipulate patient data from a medical device. This has been a source of some controversy and anxiety for many medical app developers. Some argue […]