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iRadiology App Provides Massive Amounts of Radiology Content, and its Free [App Review]

Review of the iRadiology App, a learning tool with a catalog of over 500 radiology cases designed to help medical students and residents improve their plain film,CT, and MRI reading skills. The cases are derived from Dr. Gillian Lieberman, who is the currently Director of Harvard Medical Student training and Associate Director of the Residency Program at Beth Israel Medical Center. In this review we’ll discuss the application further and also show you how to turn on the “Zoom” feature built into the iPhone that will enable you to improve the utility of this medical app.

Optimizing Your Medical Practice Experience with the iPod Touch

To our readers: We will be providing commentary and short reviews to medpagetoday.com two or three times a month.  We feel honored to be included in their short list of talented and well respected bloggers.  The following is a little clip from our first post titled, Optimizing Your Medical Practice Experience with the iPod Touch. […]

App Giveaway and Interview With Creator of MD on Call app

MD on Call is a medical app aimed at interns, residents, and 3rd/4th year medical students. It’s a great app geared to help you with those 4am calls you get from nurses and is also a great reference for patient care in general. We did a full review of this app a few days back […]