Tag: Radiology imaging

Keep it simple, stupid–why your doctor doesn’t need Photoshop

Every day, millions of X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and other medical imaging studies are made–but complicated rules and incompatible software have prevented doctors and patients from easily sharing their images. A recently launched application, image32, gets rid of these barriers and allows doctors and patients to quickly and easily liberate their medical images. CEO Bob Pellican explains why image32 is different

Diagnostic Radiology app is possibly the best radiology app for iOS

Dynamic Approach to Abdominal Radiology is an interactive ebook on abdominal radiology for the iPad. The app is one of the first medical textbooks for tablets that goes further in levels of interactivity than just adding a video, zoomable image or quiz question here and there such as offered by Inkling and others. Instead, this app offers extensively annotated, real clinical data sets, just as you would get them in the clinic.

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