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Simply Sayin’ App Review

Helping Parents and Children with Medical JargonPediatric visits can be the most enjoyable part of the day In a busy primary care practice. However, our pediatric patients are often anxious and suspicious of these visits — fearful of poking, prodding, and the dreaded “shots”.  All of this anxiety is amplified when children are admitted to […]

DHA Pediatric to Adult Care App Review

App Helps Ensure Your Pediatric Patients Are Prepared to Make Their Own Medical DecisionsWhat happens to our adolescent medicine patients when they turn 18? The answer likely varies by patient, insurance coverage, etc. Many instantly become their own medical decision-makers potentially completely independent of their parents’ input. How do we know they are “ready” for […]

Best Medical Apps for iPhone and iPad This Week

Dozens of medical apps for doctors, nurses, providers, and patients get released each week. We’re committed to picking the most useful ones for medical professionals as they come along. Here is our selection of must-download medical apps for iOS devices. Transplant Referrals at NYU Langone Health Designed for physicians seeking patient referral to the transplant […]

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