Tag: Patient-physician relationship

Should patients see what doctors are looking at on their smartphones

Should you as a patient be offered the option to see what’s on the screen? Do patients think that this information is any different from a paper with a list of medical findings which are often gibberish to anyone outside the field of medicine? Recently, researchers at the University of Louisville began addressing these issues through a survey of 250 patients and family members. The survey sought to assess their perceptions of physicians using PDA’s / smartphones in their presence.

ZocDoc Lets Patients Find a Doctor and Make an Appointment in One Easy Step – An OpenTable for Doctors

This clever and  disruptive web service – and the perfect companion to an electronic health record that includes practice management tools – started in September 2007. Unfortunately I have met very few doctors who have heard of it. This company started by connecting New York dentists with open appointments to unattached patients trying to schedule […]

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