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All drawMD patient education apps go free to celebrate drawMD 3.0

iMedicalApps has recently done a number of articles on drawMD as they build up to their big 3.0 launch. To celebrate the launch of their new software, drawMD have made all their existing apps free so be sure to check them out in the App Store now. We have reviewed a number of the drawMD […]

drawMD is redefining patient education apps

One of the more popular uses for mobile devices in clinical settings is as a patient education tool. This review will cover who drawMD are, their apps and also what makes their approach so special

Patient.co.uk app is a poor substitute for the official website

Patient.co.uk is a fantastic website for clinicians to refer too. The mobile app seems to be plagued with problems and is not as useful as the website due to uncertain in-app purchases and the addition of advertisements which quite frankly ruin the credibility and appeal of any medical app.