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April’s first installment of the “Best of iMedicalApps”

In this installment, we look at whether smartphones are distracting for clinicians, discuss the Lancet iPad journal app, and look at a cool new device that helps you track your fitness called the Nike Fuelband. Additionally, we demonstrate how easy it is to check out an iPad from a medical library, review an app that contains health advice for patients, and lastly, we show you the future of TEDMED.

Are Smartphones Distracting Doctors?

By: Perry W. Payne, Jr., MD/JD/MPP Doctor, what do you think? Doctor? Doctor? These are words uttered by a number of patients today as doctors use an increasing number of “screens” while simultaneously interacting with their patients. These screens offer access to mobile devices such as touchpads, smartphones, and laptop computers. During the already restricted […]

Biosense unveils ToucHb for needle-less blood testing

Anemia can be difficult to diagnose without access to a specialized equipment or a trained technician. In fact, anemia kills 1 million women and infants worldwide annually. Yet anemia, if diagnosed, can be easily treated using inexpensive supplements even in poor/remote regions. Myshkin Ingawale and Yogesh Patil, co-founders of India-based startup Biosense (originally Anaemedia), were […]

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