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Apple patent to measure consumer mood released

Satish Misra MD contributed to this article In a recently released patent, Apple has outlined a new strategy to make advertising increasingly personalized in a rather unusual way. Content advertisers have always known that the secret to selling is to know your audience. Apple has taken this strategy a step further by proposing a system […]

The best of iMedicalApps – the digital textbook, prescription apps, and more

Greetings valued readers! This is the second installment of our bi-monthly summaries of our favorite posts (difficult to choose) as well as the posts we feel were best received by you, our readers. Our increase in the amount of information that we give to you means that you may not always have time to read everything we post in a given month. We are proud to be able to provide you quality app reviews and the latest mHealth news, so without further delay, here are our second round of favorite posts for February:

Microsoft Potentially Moving to Major Healthcare Partnership Related to Electronic Medical Records – Apple and Google Beware!

As healthcare systems and individual practices rush to adopt electronic medical records, health information technology companies have experienced unprecedented growth – Eclipsys’ net income grew by 140% to nearly $100 million in 2008. With billions of dollars allocated to electronic health records in the 2009 stimulus package, the health information technology sector is likely to […]