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Are Electronic Medical Textbooks the way forward?

Overall the introduction of electronic textbooks has been highly successful. The ability to carry around a mobile library on a pocket sized device is a fairly impressive technological achievement. In addition, the ability to have a well referenced handbook accessible and available at any time is very attractive. It will be interesting to see how this section of the textbook market grows as the number of smart devices increases. For this market to remain successful, publishers and developers alike are going to have to work hard to adapt their texts and marketing strategies to current economic conditions.

Interview with the Dr. Pieter Kubben, the Digital Neurosurgeon and iPhone Medical App Developer – From checklists to the future of EMR

It is a great pleasure to present this interview with Pieter Kubben, a Dutch neurosurgeon who is an impressive amalgam of clinician, researcher, and software engineer. He is currently in a neurosurgical residency while completing a PhD in intraoperative MRI-guided surgery for brain gliomas. As if this is not enough, as a “hobby” (his term), […]