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Anamnesis app aims to aid physicians in charting, but doesn’t understand workflow

Documentation is one of the most time-consuming, laborious, but necessary parts of medicine.  If technology existed that enabled us to document all our thoughts, rationales, examinations and actions through the course of the day automatically, we may be able to see significantly more patients than we currently are able to.  Being able to quickly look […]

Personal Health Record app underscores importance of using patient friendly medical terms

PocketHealth is a patient app developed by Cognovant as a mobile Personal Health Record (mPHR) available for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. This is an ambitious and comprehensive app based on Electronic Health Record features for individual use. It’s stated purpose by the developer is to allow consumers to take control of their health data and care for their own personal use and to share with their providers. It is encrypted and stored solely on the device.

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