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Best iPhone and iPad medical apps for the week of February 28th

This past week yielded a surprisingly impressive release of quality free and paid medical apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Those in cardiology have a couple app releases that should make them very excited, but this list also contains many apps that primary care and other specialists should be interested in as well.

iPad found to succeed where Kindle failed for university education

Reed College has released a detailed report documenting the outcomes of their iPad pilot study — and the results look good. The college had first tried a pilot study using the Kindle, but the Amazon e-reader came up short in key areas that are important for education: highlighting and manipulations of texts. The study was […]

iPad Medical Textbooks (E-books) on the Way With Key Partnerships Announced: Why the Healthcare Community Should Be Excited

It was only a matter of time before partnerships between medical textbook publishers and the iPad development community emerged. One key partnership the Wall Street Journal just announced is between ScrollMotion (app developer) and McGraw-Hill’s Education division, with the purpose of developing e-books for the iPad.  And why does this matter? Because if you’re a […]

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