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Sonosite patent shows experimentation with iPad and ultrasound probes

Over a year ago, we covered the FDA approval of Mobisante’s MobiUS ultrasound, which paired an ultrasound probe with a Windows Toshiba smartphone (which we hope to see moving to Android soon!). A recent patent filing by Sonosite, an ultrasound device maker worth over $750bn, suggests they are moving towards using tablets like the iPad with future ultrasound probes.

Now Playing: Radiology Images from Your Hospital PACS on your iPad

The torrent of clinical information being made available on smartphones does not seem to be showing any signs of slowing.  Merge Healthcare just announced March 1 an iPhone OS app, available for the iPad, that connects seamlessly with their eFilm workstation to make available patients’ studies as quickly as they are accessioned by the radiology […]

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