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The best iPad note taking apps to use with stylus pens

We have considered a range of note-taking apps-it is now to time to recommend the best note-taking app for healthcare professionals. Overall many of these apps offer similar levels of functionality although there are two clear market leaders- Note Taker HD and Notes Plus. Although the learning curve associated with Note Taker HD can be steep, it has become the leading note-taking app which can use a stylus. It is highly recommended to all healthcare professionals who want to take notes on their iPad in a variety of situations

Five iPad Accessories for Health Care Professionals

It’s fair to say almost everyone has bought at least one accessory for their iPhone.  My own collection consists of two items, a simple protective case, and protective case with a built in battery.  I can’t emphasize how crucial my battery case has been, especially when I hit the 20th hour of a 30 hour […]

iPad Medical Textbooks (E-books) on the Way With Key Partnerships Announced: Why the Healthcare Community Should Be Excited

It was only a matter of time before partnerships between medical textbook publishers and the iPad development community emerged. One key partnership the Wall Street Journal just announced is between ScrollMotion (app developer) and McGraw-Hill’s Education division, with the purpose of developing e-books for the iPad.  And why does this matter? Because if you’re a […]