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Using a venerable anatomy e-book on the iPad with Inkling

Anatomy is a highly visual field. The images are as important – if not even more so – than the text, so that is the first thing I focused my attention on with Essential Clinical Anatomy by Moore. As with other Inkling books, all figures are embedded in crisp, clear text. Selecting the figure brings up an isolated view that magnifies the image and provides a caption. Using the pinch maneuver, the image can be expanded with almost no grainy pixels. I was quite impressed with the brilliance and overall quality of the figures.

Six features that differentiate Inkling 2.0 for iPad from traditional e-books

Inklings success is based on transforming standard electronic texts into interactive delights through the use of five major feature areas including Price, Search, Quiz, Media Integration and Social integration. Together these features mean textbooks from Inkling are significantly easier to learn from than standard textbooks.