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Tough-PAC case is a reasonably effective medical iPad case

One aspect of using a mobile device in a hospital which has not been thoroughly researched is the potential infection risk and cross contamination from using this device around multiple sick patients. It is highly recommended to thoroughly clean your device using antibacterial wipes but this is not always effective. One potential solution is to […]

Crowdfunded accessory combines clipboard and iPad holder

A simple, yet potentially useful adaptation of a clipboard could find a home on the hospital wards if Clipboard+ meets its fundraising deadline on Kickstarter in one week. The idea is that hospital residents and students still need to write on paper, but that juggling a smartphone or tablet while trying to hold paper is […]

New keyboard cases for the iPad could really add to usability on the wards

We recently reported our interview with Dr. Henry Feldman of the Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston and his experience using the iPad as his sole computing device while attending on the wards. Overall, his experience was positive, while accessing the hospital networks, using clinical applications and questions about security. Be sure also to check out […]

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