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Research uncovers increased need to track medical device security

Because medical devices commonly use standard PC’s running mainstream operating systems they are often at risk to security vulnerabilities and require frequent updates of the software. Wireless connections pose a similar threat by exposing medical devices to potential malware and researchers have conducted a study that indicates the US may not be doing an adequate job of tracking these vulnerabilities and risks.

Boston area to get its own Rock Health startup accelerator

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the Rock Health, the San Francisco based health startup accelerator, will be opening up a Boston branch this Summer. The program is already accepting applications. Reportedly several Boston based entrepreneurs are already signed up as mentors, including Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper, Ben Rubin of Zeo, Erika Pabo of […]

New Swine Flu App Released, Made by Harvard Medical School

There has been a flurry of H1N1 applications, and they are all a bit hard to differentiate. There is a notable app that was recently released. The app, HMSMobile Swine Flu Center, was developed by Harvard Medical School and costs $1.99. This is the first Swine Flu App in the App Store with a big-time […]