Tag: Gait Analysis

Gait analysis accuracy: Android app comparable to standard accelerometer methodology

mHealth Research Digest with Tim Bredrup Smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous and many have a built in tri-axial accelerometer, a sensor that measures change in speed in multiple directions. These smartphone accelerometers can be used to assess gait patterns, or walking patterns, an important evaluation in many neurologic or musculoskeletal disorders. However, the reliability and […]

Using smartphones for objective diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s patients

More than 10 million people in the US suffer from tremor-related disease, including Parkinson’s, essential tremor and multiple sclerosis. This fact presents a major business opportunity for the innovator who develops a Smartphone App capable of capturing and contextualizing patient tremor data in remotely in real-time for purposes of developing a truly objective and standardized diagnostic system. Delano, along with his co-principal investigator Brian Parise at the George Tech Research Institute (GTRI), believes they have developed precisely such a solution.

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