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Personal Health Record app underscores importance of using patient friendly medical terms

PocketHealth is a patient app developed by Cognovant as a mobile Personal Health Record (mPHR) available for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. This is an ambitious and comprehensive app based on Electronic Health Record features for individual use. It’s stated purpose by the developer is to allow consumers to take control of their health data and care for their own personal use and to share with their providers. It is encrypted and stored solely on the device.

Kaiser releases patient health records native app for Android, with only web app for iOS users

Recently, Kaiser Permanente (KP), one of the largest healthcare organization, made an announcement that affects its 9 million patients. The organization has released an app for the Android platform which allows patients to access their medical information from virtually anywhere. The app provides full access to patient information that currently resides on the KP health record system. Additionally, KP now has a mobile optimized website which allows members to also access their information via any mobile device platform. This website is accessible via a smartphone’s mobile browser and includes users of Windows Mobile phones, Blackberry and even the iPhone.

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