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Augmented reality DoctorMole app now available for iPhone

DoctorMole which was well received on Android has finally been released on iPhone (25th September). It brings the same advanced, real-time computer vision technology to scan your moles in real time and give you instant risk feedback on Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Risk (ABCDE).

Medical app uses augmented reality and camera phone to detect skin cancer

DoctorMole represents a fantastic step forward for telemedicine and teledermatology. Whilst this app is no substitute for professional medical advice, it is a great example of how mobile technology can positively impact community healthcare and preventative medicine. Perhaps the only drawback to this app is that there was no way to share the results/photos taken with the app with your family physician which would surely enhance the doctor-patient relationship.

Recognize and treat suspicious skin lesions with illustrated Dermoscopy App

by: Brian Chau, MS3 The clinical process of evaluating suspicious skin lesions is often taught in medical school through the ABCDE method. Student physicians are taught to evaluate said lesions based on Asymmetry, irregular Borders, multiple Colors, Diameters > 6mm, and Enlarging lesion. Dermoscopy is a non-invasive, clinical examination of skin lesions with the aid […]

Study suggests that teledermatology programs are not an alternative to in-person evaluation

Programs that deliver specialty care to underserved areas utilizing telemedicine are being launched all over the world. However a recent study published in the British Journal of Dermatolgy raises some questions about the limitations of this technology, particularly some unintended consequences that appear to have adverse patient outcomes. The study looked at a series of […]

Acne “treatment” apps could be taking advantage of patients

Getting a new medication or medical device approved in the United States requires embarking on path so nightmarish it makes Dante’s Inferno look like the yellow brick road. And while most clinicians and bureaucrats would agree that we need to find a better way, its not hard to imagine how we ended up with such […]