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cTrials Android app efficiently searches global as well as domestic clinical trial information

Finding clinical trial information has never been easier or quicker with the cTrials app by Visual Soft, Inc. The app can be searched by country with basic and advanced options available. cTrials can be used as both a research tool and clinical resource at the point of care. The app is also updated regularly, providing users with international clinical trials added to the databases within the past 14 and 60 days.

MyStudies app brings detailed academic literature analysis to the iPad

By the very nature of their job, Physicians are often limited in the amount of time they have available to review important medical literature. Journal Club, an app iMedicalApps recently reviewed, aimed to simplify this process by utilising a physician driven wiki resource containing concise summaries of major academic papers. A similar app, MyStudies, has […]

Journal Club App contains essential information on a few landmark clinical trials

Journal Club is a good app with an excellent premise and ideation. The main issue facing its utility and acceptance as a mainstream app is the number of articles included. As Wiki Journal Club grows, the usefulness of the associated app will also grow. There is a need for apps like this to help summarise complex research papers for doctors on the frontline.