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Let’s talk medical apps and the FDA: #mHealth Chat Special Edition Tonight

How should mobile medical apps be regulated by the FDA? Last year the FDA released a proposed set of guidelines for the regulation of certain mobile health apps that control a regulated medical device, or manipulate patient data from a medical device. This has been a source of some controversy and anxiety for many medical app developers. Some argue […]

This week’s #mHealth Tweet Chat archive now available

This is the archive of the fourth #mHealth Tweet Chat that took place on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 9pm EST/8pm CST. We discussed favorite apps, mobile devices, accessories and peripherals, and the ways that we use mobile technology with our patients and in our practices.

The Art of Apps: Design Features That Make E-Health Interventions Effective

Making user-friendly products is no easy task, but it is worth the investment as multiple examples from various industries have demonstrated. In an effort to better understand what design or user-friendly features make some e-health interventions more effective than others, researchers in theUnited Kingdom recently conducted a review of existing articles with effective e-health interventions. […]

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