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The future of medicine hangs on the subtleties of “use”

[Ed. This is the third of a three part series examining the past & present of FDA regulation of mHealth] The debate over the adoption of electronic health records and health IT systems by physicians has largely focused on the concept of “Meaningful Use”. It was this term chosen by the Dept of Health and […]

The past, present, and future of medical apps

[Ed. The article below is simultaneously published today by iMedicalApps.com and the Journal of Surgical Radiology (http://www.SurgRad.com), a widely read, peer reviewed journal] In just a few short years, smartphones with advanced operating systems have sparked a bright new era of mobile medical applications. Although the Blackberry smartphone had been the device of choice for […]

Practice Fusion tells iMedicalApps exclusive details of EMR App Store, launching next evolution of dynamic electronic health records

Practice Fusion is a free, web-based electronic health record that has seen a rapid rate of adoption over the last two years and is currently the largest commercial EHR installation after Kaiser and the Veterans Affairs. In this interview with Matthew Douglass, VP of Product Development, we learn some of the fascinating story of Practice Fusion’s rise, its plans to expand its API (application programming interface) and launch an app store.

Medical section for iPhone is plagued by non-medical apps

There are well over 3,000 apps in the “medical” section of the App Store for the iPhone. Unfortunately, a growing number of them aren’t medical apps. It’s already difficult enough to parse through the litany of apps available to find quality apps – and then when you add apps that shouldn’t even be in the […]

Acne “treatment” apps could be taking advantage of patients

Getting a new medication or medical device approved in the United States requires embarking on path so nightmarish it makes Dante’s Inferno look like the yellow brick road. And while most clinicians and bureaucrats would agree that we need to find a better way, its not hard to imagine how we ended up with such […]