Tag: App Giveaways

App Giveaway: ECG Interpreter

The developer for ECG Interpreter gave us 10 promo codes to give our to our readers.  We plan on having a review of this app up on Monday, but in the meantime we’d like to hear what you think.  If you use a promo code make sure to leave a comment letting others know which […]

App Giveaway: Clinical ORthopaedic Exam (CORE)

The developer of the Clinical Orthopedic Exam App has been gracious enough to give us promotional codes for the readers of our site. The App costs $39.99 regularly. We did a review of this app a few months ago that you should check out if you haven’t already.  Read more to access the the promo […]

App Giveaway and Interview With Creator of MD on Call app

MD on Call is a medical app aimed at interns, residents, and 3rd/4th year medical students. It’s a great app geared to help you with those 4am calls you get from nurses and is also a great reference for patient care in general. We did a full review of this app a few days back […]

App Giveaway, USMLE Buzz Flashcards

The developer of USMLE Buzz Flash Cards App, Andrew Yu, has graciously given us some promo codes to distribute to our readers. We’re in the process of reviewing this application, but so far we really like it. These flashcards are quick hitting facts that are high yield and useful for Step 1. I’d compare them […]

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