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Respiratory Diseases Android app from Focus Medicais lacks utility

Respiratory Diseases from Focus Medica is a horrible app. It’s filled with a lot of “fluff,” but seriously lacks in the core content department. The app is barely suitable to be used by the average layman, and medical professionals and students should definitely pass on this one. Additionally, the developers are also charging $7.33 to even use the app.

A Histology Atlas app for Android phones

Now, hard study alone won’t help you see as you must train your eye in pattern recognition to distinguish all tissue samples, so it’s common practice for students to resort to atlases–which is why an Histology Atlas app is a good idea–or is it? Today we’ll take a look at an app developed by Italy-based Cansav Soft, a company founded in 2010 who develops mobile solutions for Android most of which are health related.

CellAtlas app is a cell morphology guide for your mobile

Introduction CellAtlas is a guide to blood cell morphology that contains mini lectures and a cell image database that could prove to be useful to students. CellAtlas is a product from CellaVision, a medical technology company who develops and markets products for the health care sector. Their product line includes systems for automatic blood cell […]

Learn Muscles: Anatomy app is a good tool but not for everyone

“Learn Muscles: Anatomy” from Read Bodywork provides a clean and user-friendly interface that delivers concise and to-the-point information on muscles of the human body with a rich multimedia experience. However, the app does lack in clinically relevant information that hinders its usefulness for medical students or health care providers.