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Greetings valued readers! This is the second installment of our bi-monthly summaries of our favorite posts (difficult to choose) as well as the posts we feel were best received by you, our readers. Our increase in the amount of information that we give to you means that you may not always have time to read everything we post in a given month. We are proud to be able to provide you quality app reviews and the latest mHealth news, so without further delay, here are our second round of favorite posts for February:

Is Access Medicine coming to the iPhone?

has a report on how McGraw-Hill is partnering up with ScrollMotion to bring their textbooks to the iPhone. ScrollMotion develops iPhone apps, and has an e-book reader for the iPhone, called Iceberg reader. Most academic institutions have Access Medicine, the subscription service that delivers most of McGraw-Hill’s medical textbooks. The Harrison’s Internal Medicine text is […]

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