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Grandma Wins “Apps Against Abuse” Tech Challenge #mHS11

[Ed. We are thrilled to publish this guest post by Dr. Val Jones,  CEO, Better Health. You can find the original here.] By: Val Jones, MD There aren’t too many grandmothers developing mobile health apps these days, but I met a charming one (Jill Campbell) at the mHealth Summit last week. Jill is a 60 year-old woman from […]

The patient’s dilemma: big companies won’t allow disruptive innovation in health care #mhs11

During one of the mHealth Summit’s final “super sessions”, entitled The New Wireless Paradigm in the Medical Device Industry, Tom Watlington, CEO of San Diego-based startup Sotera Wireless, stuns a crowd full of mHealth enthusiasts when he calls out the big boys (Phillips, Medtronic, SAP) for intentionally stifling innovation directly to their faces. Bravo Mr Watlington.