Best medical apps for Radiology

ACR: Appropriateness Criteria App Review

Leave It to a Medical Student to Bring the ACR Appropriateness Criteria to Your Smart Device! One of the steepest learning curves in residency education is deciding what imaging tests to order for patients. Should I order an x-ray first or go straight to computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? Do I order […]

Must-Have Android Apps for Doctors and Nurses

Lots of medical apps for doctors, nurses,  providers, and patients get released each week. We’re committed to picking the most useful ones for medical professionals as they come along. Here is our selection of must-download medical apps for Android devices. And don’t forget to see what we thought were the best medical apps in 2018. GOLD […]

Review: The Sublux App for Plain Radiography

One of the steepest learning curves in residency education is plain X-ray interpretation. Nearly every medical specialty requires providers to interpret everything from chest X-rays to long bone films to abdominal X-rays. I vividly remember “radiology rounds” during my ICU rotation as a resident and getting “pimped’ endlessly over every patient’s AM chest X-ray. Orthopedics […]

This Week’s Best New Medical Apps – February 9, 2018

Hundreds of new apps hit the app stores every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical apps for doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers. This week includes apps for radiology, decision-making, and even sexual health apps you can recommend to your patients. Our previous picks are here. And see what apps we thought were […]

Best New Medical Apps of the Week

Hundreds of new medical apps hit the app stores every November. We’ve sorted through them to pick the top medical apps for this week. You can find our previous app picks here. AlzDxRx The AlzDxRx app was created by the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation to help providers screen for the behavioral symptoms associated […]

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