The best cardiology medical apps for cardiologists

MISSION Syncope: A Helpful and Free App to Guide the Evaluation of Syncope

MISSION Syncope: For the busy primary care provider, the evaluation and management of patients with syncope can be challenging and fraud with conflicting recommendations and opinions on the work-up and management.  Both the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Neurology have evidence/expert-based guidelines for the condition with somewhat different approaches. And there […]

Top Medical Apps This Week (Jan 18, 2019)

Hundreds of medical apps for healthcare providers and patients are released each week. We’re committed to picking the most useful ones for medical professionals as they come along. And don’t forget to see what we thought were the best medical apps in 2018. SafeLocal SafeLocal app for iOS devices was developed by Johns Hopkins to provide […]

Anticoagulation Guidelines App Review

Anticoagulation Guidelines App – A Reference App to Rapidly Determine When to Stop Anticoagulants Prior to Procedures We continue to see patients diagnosed with conditions which require anticoagulation and/or antiplatelet medications. Conditions such as coronary artery disease, stroke, non-valvular atrial fibrillation, new or recurrent venous thromboembolism, and mechanical heart valves frequently require lifelong use of […]

Best Medical Apps for Android and iOS (December 14, 2018)

Hundreds of new apps hit the Android app store every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical app for medical professionals. And check out our Best Medical Apps of 2018 … So Far. And get ready for our yearly wrap-up. Scripps Transplant The Scripps Center for Transplantation designed this app to enable physicians […]

CLOTS App Review

Surgical Thromboembolism Prevention App and More from Down Under We continue to see more and more patients diagnosed with conditions that require anticoagulation, including non-valvular atrial fibrillation, new or recurrent venous thromboembolism, mechanical heart valves, and arterial thrombosis. Frequently, these patients require surgery or other procedures during which the anticoagulation must be stopped or rapidly […]

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