App Giveaway and Interview With Creator of MD on Call app

MD on Call is a medical app aimed at interns, residents, and 3rd/4th year medical students. It’s a great app geared to help you with those 4am calls you get from nurses and is also a great reference for patient care in general. We did a full review of this app a few days back […]

New Swine Flu App Released, Made by Harvard Medical School

There has been a flurry of H1N1 applications, and they are all a bit hard to differentiate. There is a notable app that was recently released. The app, HMSMobile Swine Flu Center, was developed by Harvard Medical School and costs $1.99. This is the first Swine Flu App in the App Store with a big-time […]

Diagnose a Heart Murmur with a Stethoscope? There’s an App for that…in the Future?

This past week Reuters reported on how Zargis Medical(auscultation software) was cleared as a developer for iPhone apps and more importantly, peripherals for the iPhone. The following is a quote from Zargis Medical in the article: The future of healthcare delivery is about connectivity and mobility. Zargis’ expertise in computer-aided auscultation and our advanced medical […]

App Giveaway, USMLE Buzz Flashcards

The developer of USMLE Buzz Flash Cards App, Andrew Yu, has graciously given us some promo codes to distribute to our readers. We’re in the process of reviewing this application, but so far we really like it. These flashcards are quick hitting facts that are high yield and useful for Step 1. I’d compare them […]