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Hey everyone. First, we wanted to apologize for the lack of rapid updates to the site. Usually we like to get 3 to 4 reviews up per week. Unfortunately, we’ve both been extremely busy with our schedules and unable to post as frequently as we’d like to. Thankfully our guest contributors to the site have […]

Care360 is now offering ePrescribing on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Quest Diagnositics announced today that computer users of their Care360 ePrescibing program can now use the iPhone and iPod touch to prescribe medications and look at lab results for their patients. They are also offering a six month risk free trial to healthcare providers. The app is called Care360 Physician Portal.

What Exactly are the App Store’s Medical Standards?

Recently, I posted on a controversial healthcare application that claims to treat seasonal depression. In my post, I talked about the ridiculous app and wondered if the App Store approval process needed to be tweaked when it came to medical and healthcare apps. Then I started wondering if there are actual medical standards the App […]

Guest Contributors to the Medical App Review Site

Our goal is to provide a site that allows the medical community an information hub to medical applications that are actually beneficial in practice. If you’d like to contribute to this goal and submit a review of a medical or healthcare application to this site, email us. We welcome nurses, PAs, physicians, medical students, and […]