Guest Contributors to the Medical App Review Site

Our goal is to provide a site that allows the medical community an information hub to medical applications that are actually beneficial in practice. If you’d like to contribute to this goal and submit a review of a medical or healthcare application to this site, email us. We welcome nurses, PAs, physicians, medical students, and […]

mVisum, Helping Interventional Cardiologists Relax

There’s a nice article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the medical app mVisum, and how it was developed. The app is actually a product of the VA. It was originally made for the blackberry, but recently has been available for the iPhone. The article doesn’t mention the iPhone compatibility though. Dr. Shroff and her […]

Some site news

We have a copy of the just released Handbook of High-Risk Obstetrics app ($50), and we’ll be posting our review soon. Today is the last day for the AnatomyLab App giveaway. We have a few contestants so far, so if you want a chance to get this $10 app for free sign up before midnight. […]

Healthcare App for your patients: Fish4Health

Fish4Health is a free application that provides fish information for pregnant and nursing women. This app is particularly useful for all the Obstetrics providers who get asked about fish consumption by their pregnant patients. Purdue University provides a lot of the information about this application (, so it has a solid academic backing. The application […]