A Histology Atlas app for Android phones

Now, hard study alone won’t help you see as you must train your eye in pattern recognition to distinguish all tissue samples, so it’s common practice for students to resort to atlases–which is why an Histology Atlas app is a good idea–or is it? Today we’ll take a look at an app developed by Italy-based Cansav Soft, a company founded in 2010 who develops mobile solutions for Android most of which are health related.

CellAtlas app is a cell morphology guide for your mobile

Introduction CellAtlas is a guide to blood cell morphology that contains mini lectures and a cell image database that could prove to be useful to students. CellAtlas is a product from CellaVision, a medical technology company who develops and markets products for the health care sector. Their product line includes systems for automatic blood cell […]

Are pregnant women interested in using SMS ?

With so many new apps targeting pregnant women and seeking to improve their health and the health of their fetus, a fundamental question is whether these women actually want to use cell phones for this purpose and have the necessary access to use them for this purpose. Currently, this information is not available in existing studies, although the importance of this information is fairly obvious. Researchers in Argentina and Louisiana recently collaborated to answer this question by assessing pregnant women’s access and usage of cell phones in Argentina public hospitals and clinics.

My Pill Reminder App helps remind unintentionally noncompliant patients

Patient Centric App Review Series App Reviewed: My Pill — Birth Control Reminder v2.3 Last Updated: June 29, 2012 Compatibility: iPhone, iPad Requires: OS 4.0 Reviewed on: iPad Goals of app review: * Is this app capably designed to remind women to take their oral contraceptive daily (or use it for other birth control method […]