App Review Request: The Life Coach

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    The Life Coach ( ) is an app I have developed for Apple and Android which has two components,

    1) Users can try to align their long term goals (weight loss, fitness, other health etc) with daily activities (and automatically get feedback).
    2) Coaches can monitor how participants are doing and provide feedback.

    What is really different to existing apps is the holistic and subjective data the app can capture and feed back on. In other words, humans are not simple ‘machines’. Calorie counters, fitness trackers and so on provide too narrow a view to be useful on their own.

    For example, as a user, if you have an Aim ‘Lose Weight’, then you could use the app to track … your weight. OK, But in addition to that you could also track how well you stuck to your diet, how hard that was, did you get the right nutrition? … enough exercise? … sleep? and so on. In this example, having all of these together would provide the user and their coach with a fuller picture and therefore better insight.

    From the coaching side, coaches (personal trainers, health professionals etc) can register and users can choose what they need. So I see this as being useful whether there is already a relationship established or not.

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