Reply To: Reachout: The app that connects people fighting life threatening diseases


Sunil Modi

Dear Dr. Hussain,
I am sorry for the delay in responding to you. Here are the answers to your query.

Patient Privacy: The app does not allow anyone below 17 years of age into the app due to the nature of discussions specifically in addiction section. For that reason, everyone must disclose their date of birth. However, they have the option of not displaying this information in their profile.

Name, country, state, city are all requested as it helps patients to connect with others once they know they are from the same country or city etc. However, this information is not required and is completely voluntary. In fact, we have found that most users choose to use their real names instead of an alias once they see everyone else using their real names as well. A part of confidence building that helps them to eventually reach out and openly discuss their problems.

Data storage is handled by Amazon web services who have a very good reputation of securing the data against hackers etc.

Hope this answers your questions. We have recently launched our redesigned website, so please do visit us at

I look forward to your response.