Reply To: App review request Palliate Guide


Thank you for your response.
The App was developed by myself.
As a practitioner in a Hospice for over 8 years,I saw the need for regular reference checking in palliative care and deficiency in the knowledge by GP about palliative care.
The areas of greater interest were syringe driver drugs combination compatibility, calculations for opioid drugs switching and PRN opioid dosages.
There is also need for some health care professionals for a handy reference how to manage certain palliative care emergencies and problems.

The information provided by the app are referenced by well known resources of palliative care detailed in the App description.

The original App contained calculators to convert opioids and calculate PRN doses. However, Apple wouldn’t allow drug calculating apps to be published by individual people (I guess as a protective measure). Therefore I had to modify the App to provide guidance on how to convert opioids and calculate PRNs instead of the calculators.

If you visit the support page for the App as linked in the App Store, there are videos to show the current Palliate Guide App and the original Palliate app in action.

Sorry for the long response, I hope that helps.