How many medical apps have been reviewed by iMedicalApps?

We have reviewed over 300 medical apps. Many of our posts contain “compilation reviews” — posts that contain reviews of five or more apps at once. We are selective with our app reviews, and only review apps that we feel provide some level of actual functionality.

Our goal is to eventually review every relevant medical application for the iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone platform. We are currently adding medical students and physician writers to our staff so we can accomplish this goal, and if you are interested in reviewing apps, send us a message using our contact page.

What’s the best way to search for apps?

1) Select the tab with your particular device
2) Search by “App Type” or “Medical Specialty”
3) You can search using both, but this method will yield fewer results.

I’m using your “Find a Review” feature, but having difficulty in finding many apps.

1) Our collection of Android and Blackberry apps is growing, but is not as large as the iPhone or iPad. This is because the iOS platform has significantly more quality medical applications than Android and Blackberry.

2) Although you can use both the “App Type” and the “Medical Specialty” feature at once to find medical apps — using these search features separately will yield more applications.

Do you take money, or any financial incentives from companies or developers of medical applications that you review?

We have a strict policy of not taking any money or financial rewards for our app reviews. We do not accept advertisements from medical app publishers.

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