Author: Alex Drossos, MS3

Anatomy Apps: Clemente’s, Rohen’s, and Moore’s Anatomy Flash Card Apps: Similar User Interface, but Different Images, Could Be Used for Patient Education [App Review]

This is a review of 3 Anatomy Apps developed by Modality, but from the following textbooks: Clemente’s, Rohen’s, and Moore’s. We comment on how these applications could take advantage of the iPad’s screen size and resolution and be used to visually educate patients on specific anatomic pathologies.

Five Lessons Apple must learn from current Healthcare Tablets if the Apple Tablet (iPad) is to Succeed in the Medical Industry

With Apple’s soon to be released iPad re-energizing the tablet market, there has been much speculation on how the tablet will transform personal computing.  However, the tablet has been with us for quite some time. Almost a decade ago, I started testing and using Windows-based Tablet PCs for two cancer centers in Canada. They worked […]

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