Bring Your Advanced Directives Anywhere with This Mobile App and Website

Despite universal recommendations from numerous healthcare groups, most people lack an advance care plan. One study cited only approximately 25% of adults in the HealthStyles Survey had completed one. Additionally, the lack of an advance care plan leads to unwanted care, in another study, 25% of patients cited unwanted care. Many patients and providers simply don’t fully understand what is/isn’t an advance care plan. They are not simply DNR/DNI orders, a living will, or POLST or similar medical orders. These advance care plans comprise statements of patients’ wishes at the end of life, CPR desires, care at home/hospice, organ donation, etc. 

MyDirectives first launched their companion app for iOS in 2015. Not sure how we missed it! 

Their website and app can be used separately, but ideally they should be together. The website is probably the best place to start, but I did my plan on the app first, then went to the website to fill it out more completely. The website discusses the goals of “create, update, and share”. This way a user can immediately complete and sign a valid advance care plan and share it with their family, friends, and healthcare providers. Any updates made in the app or on the website seamlessly sync with one another and with the Apple Health app. The app allows the user to digitally sign the plan, make a video of your wishes, use photos and videos to confirm your identity, share the Advance Care plan with others via email, text, QR reader, show on iPhone lock screen, etc. The multimedia components of the website and app are outstanding. A truly polished product–and completely free!

Evidence-based medicine

The app takes the “best practices” in advance care planning and guides the user in the creation of a valid document signed by the user. The primary website provides even more care plan options to create a truly state-of-the art advance care plan. The app doesn’t cite any evidence, per se, but the overall concept of “create, update, share” has good face-validity. Getting more patients to make these plans before a crisis would be truly invaluable. 

Who would benefit from this App?

Any patient or healthcare provider of patients with chronic medical diseases, terminal illnesses, geriatric patients, but really virtually any/every patient would benefit from having a signed and portable advance care plan. 


o Free


  • Slick user interface that uniquely combines website data, Apple Health Data, and other content from the iPhone, and user input
  • Makes completing an advance care plan “easy” and portable
  • Outstanding multimedia functionality for signing advance care plan, recording video plan/comments, etc


  • Not all information can be completed (at least some of the most detailed questions) on the app and requires use of the website.
  • The directions and details are more robust on the website than within the app.
  • Not available for Android


An outstanding, useful, and creative app that brings advance care planning to mobile devices. The app works best when combined with the free website, but can stand on its own. The syncing between the two as well as Apple Health are seamless and instantaneous. I am so impressed with the detailed information that can be imported from the iPhone into the app (pictures, contact information, medical information, videos, etc.). This app deserves the praise and awards it has won as so many of our patients (and ourselves) could benefit from the website/app. Recommended most highly. Needs an Android version.

Overall Score

o 5.0 stars

User Interface

o 5.0 stars

Very intuitive interface with step-by-step instructions. The primary website is even easier to use and both sync back/forth with any updates/changes. Submenus include directions and the app easily uploads pictures, contact info, records video advance care plan comments, etc. 

Multimedia Usage

o 5.0 stars

App includes syncing with Apple Health, the MyDirectives website, healthcare plans, sharing of documents with healthcare agents, contacts, family, etc. The app allows for recording of video documents, digital signature, QR sharing, etc. 


o 5 stars

App and website are both free.

Real World Applicability

o 5.0 stars

For all patients and providers of any age, but especially for those with chronic diseases and geriatric patients, the MyDirectives website and companion app are the perfect one-two punch for completing quality advance care planning. The app works well enough on its own, but really needs the complete documents completed online. Seamless syncing between the website, app and Apple Health are a nice bonus. The app still could be improved with more information within the app to avoid needing the website for some critical information such as life support and CPR as well as an Android version. 

Device Used For Review

o iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.6

Available for Download for iPhone and iPad. Not available for Android at this time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official policy of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.