Hundreds of new apps hit the Android and iOS app stores every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical apps for medical professionals. And check out our Best Medical Apps of 2018 … So Far.

Atlas of Proctology

Atlas of Proctology was designed for hepato-gastroenterologists, though medical studies and physicians of several specialties can benefit from its content. It is a thorough guide of adult anal pathologies and contains hundreds of photos and illustrations. Following a section on normal anatomy, the reference is organized by type of pathology. Each subsection contains clinical signs and symptoms, differential diagnoses, treatment information, and further details. That final section contains histology and radiographic images that can increase the knowledge of experienced providers.

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Harrison’s Internal Medicine, 20e

Harrison’s Internal Medicine, 20e is the iOS version of the text of the same title. This landmark edition includes up-to-date clinical trial results, radiographic images, and recommended guidelines. In addition to hundreds of full-color illustrations, the reference manual also contains many decision trees and algorithms. Harrison’s is dedicated to the pathophysiology of disease and emphasizes linking treatments with the disease mechanisms. According to the publishers, this promotes better decision-making, patient care, and retention of the material. New medical biology developments are also included, such as the role of the immune system in cancer patients and an updated understanding of the microbiome. New sections include sex and gender-based issues, metabolic syndrome, and consultative medicine. The authors have also added entirely new chapters on epigenetics, neuro-therapeutic technologies, and antimicrobial resistance, to name a few. After downloading the medical app, users can browse by topic or utilize the advanced search option that even encompasses tables, images, and videos. Harrison’s Internal Med. 20/E available for purchase in the App Store.



ADSA Ten Minutes Saves a Life!

From the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, the ADSA Ten Minutes Saves a Life! application is a medical manual for dental anesthesia providers and their coworkers. The app efficiently provides drug tracking and patient care crisis checklists. It emphasizes early detection of emergencies and quick intervention. Flow charts for the following emergencies are included: respiratory (such as an allergic response), cardiac (loss of pulse), or other (such as low blood sugar). Patient information can be applied to personalize needed drug dosages. Providers can also catalog and track drug expiration dates to prevent errors in care.


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CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2018

CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2018 from Skyscape Medpresso is the Android app version of the text of the same title. The reference manual emphasizes quick access to prevention, screening, and treatment guidelines for many of the most common outpatient conditions. Recommendations are clearly stated with corresponding evidence-based citations linked on the same page. All populations are included, from pediatrics to the elderly. Providers in ambulatory and hospital settings will be able to utilize this up-to-date reference that consolidates information from upstanding medical, scientific, and government agencies. The app includes 6 indexes, which organize topics as well as calculators, flowcharts, and medications. Examples are 10-year stroke-risk calculator and stepwise asthma management flowchart. Users can save favorites and create notes within the app. The application automatically saves recently viewed topics. CURRENT can be purchased from Google Play.