Hundreds of new apps hit the Android app store every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical apps for medical professionals. And check out our Best Medical Apps of 2018 … So Far.


The CIVA Pro app, or Craniofacial Interactive Virtual Assistant for surgery, was developed by the Institute of Plastic Surgery and the Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. The interactive surgical simulation technology is being offered at no cost thanks to philanthropic efforts. The creators hope to educate surgeons at all levels and provide a deeper level of surgical knowledge to new surgeons before they even operate. Ten procedures are broken down into steps that contain optional voice-over, helpful imagery, and labels. Providers can also utilize the app to educate patients and families on surgical plans.

Cost: Free
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The NeuroICU Board Review

The NeuroICU Board Review app from McGraw-Hill is an interactive version of the text of the same name. Described as “the ultimate preparation for neurocritical care board certification,” this interactive app contains over 700 questions and answers. Each answer provides descriptive details to enhance understating and application to critical care practice. Neurological disease states are overviewed in terms of pathology, pathophysiology, and therapy. Neurosurgical methods and management are reviewed. Additionally, critical care of the neurological patient including with overlapping medical, surgical, cardiac, and cardiothoracic diagnoses, is covered in detail. Ethics and professionalism also contribute to the quiz questions. The questions mirror the board exam in quality, content, and level of difficulty. Fellows completing neurology, neurosurgery, and other subspecialties will also find this a useful tool for core neurocritical topics. The text contains vivid illustrations, commonly used tables and calculators, and the option to bookmark any of these pages. This app is available on Google Play.