Hundreds of new apps hit the Android and iOS app stores every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical apps for medical professionals.


The Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgical Operations is the iOS app version of the reference text of the same name from McGraw-Hill Education. The contents build upon the pioneering work completed at Oregon Health & Science University and other academic centers in the United States, where common open operations can now be completed in an MIS (minimally invasive surgery) environment. This medical app contains over 60 must-know procedures, each with the following sections: indications, preoperative preparation, anesthesia, position, incision and exposure, closure, and postoperative care. The consistent format for each procedure allows the reader quick navigation as he or she mentally walks through a procedure. There are nearly 1,000 illustrations created by professors of medical illustration at Johns Hopkins University. Each image is designed to assist the reader in visualizing standing at the operating table, as they are drawn from either a birds-eye view or from the surgeon’s perspective. The text also includes sections on principles of access and pediatric minimally invasive surgeries. A strong search function utilizes predictive typing for suggestions and saves past searches. Bookmarks, as well as notes, can be saved. The latest approaches and technologies in the field of minimally invasive surgery are reflected throughout the volume. This interactive text can be purchased in the App Store. It is optimized for viewing on phone and tablet devices.

Atlas of Min. Invasive Surgery


The Skyscape NCLEX RN with Tutoring application offers free example questions and the ability to explore all the features available. After an in-app purchase, the user has access to over 850 NCLEX-style questions. Many NCLEX question types are included: multiple choice, multiple response, prioritization, and fill-in-the-blank. They are categorized by clinical content, client needs, priority concepts, integrated process, and cognitive level. Included are questions on content such as advanced directives, concepts such as legal issues, and QSEN-focused questions on patient-centered care. Each question includes a rationale and test-taking strategy. If a student has further questions, he or she can reach out to a nurse educator via the app. Questions can be answered in study mode or timed mode, with rationales revealed either as answers are selected or at the end of a timed session. Quizzes can also be customized by topic and by the number of questions. A random question is available for attempt every day as a reminder to continue studying for the NCLEX. After answering questions in any mode, students view their statistics and identify any areas of weakness. Questions can be bookmarked, as well as skipped, which easily allows students to focus on specific areas or on specific types of questions. All data and recorded stats can be backed up to a cloud server and then restored on a different device. Additional resources include in-app calculators of commonly used scoring rubrics. These are available for free and organized by area of clinical care. Examples include the acetaminophen toxicity nomogram, APGAR score, ETT tube size estimator, and fluid replacement for burns.

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Skyscape NCLEX RN with Tutoring