Boston Children’s Hospital’s Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) recently announced the launch of a new app that seeks to make mapping a child’s care easy and secure. The app is called Caremap and was developed in collaboration with Duke Health System.

According to the Boston Children’s Hospital, in the U.S. there are around half a million children with complex medical care needs like multiple doctors, constant visits to the hospital, and specific care requirements. Caremap will make it simpler for their families to relay important health information quickly, like lists of allergies and necessary equipment, by just showing the provider the app or sending a PDF.

Created using Apple CareKit, the app isn’t just for complex patients, but can be used to track a number of parameters in any child. The app will then produce graphs to determine trends based on exercise, mood, pain, sleep, or custom metrics; the developers suggested school attendance and temper tantrums. CareKit’s Connect module allows families to share data with the child’s providers or other family members.

These are just a few functions that this new app can offer. The team behind Caremap hopes to add more functionality in the near future, including interfacing with Cerner and Epic.