Medical app analytic platform Medable Inc. announced the release of their new cloud solution software that integrates with Apple’s new CareKit Bridge APIs called Synapse.

Medable has a history of developing cloud-based applications. We’ve covered Medable before, including Cerebrum and Axon, both of which make it easier to navigate Apple’s “Kit” software. Axon, for example, makes it easier to develop ResearchKit apps without ever having to write or know code.

With their newest venture, Synapse, the company hopes to mitigate cost issues and readmissions from poor communication and also allow patients and their providers a chance to track their health in real time.

Synapse enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly launch CareKit apps for not only their patients, but now for their care teams. Synapse allows providers and patients to track and trend health in real-time, addressing the massive cost issues from poor communication, including preventable readmissions. Medable offers the example of a post-op hip replacement patient having the ability to track pain, adherence, communicate with providers, and monitor for infection from anywhere.

Synapse is HIPAA compliant and will also offer real-time analytics as well as active notifications for management of a patient population. Additionally, it reports that it will be interoperable with electronic medical records, though there’s not much detail on which ones and how.

Medable’s CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire points out the benefits of her company’s product in a press release stating:

“Too often the care delivered within the walls of hospitals is undermined by a lack of clear guidance for patients after visits … Medable’s platform, built using CareKit, allows healthcare organizations to open the door for clear and continuous care, anytime, anywhere.”