Because academic studies and trials don’t always have the financial resources or workforce of for-profit organizations, clinical data start-up, Litmus Health, is giving free access to its platform for academic researchers.

Litmus collects user-generated data from wearables, sensors, and other health tracking devices to continuously monitor data and guide trials via medical apps and technology. The company claims their technology makes the testing process and drug development pipeline fast and efficient.

Daphne Kis, co-founder and CEO of Litmus Health subtly cited the Trump administration’s apparent aversion to scientific research as a cause for this action, stating:

“At a time when NIH’s budget is in jeopardy and public grants are under siege, the resources academics need to conduct research are harder to come by than ever. We are delighted to make our platform available to researchers in academia at zero cost.”

Litmus Free will make data acquisition and management easy but only for non-commercial studies and trials. Researchers can apply for access now. If selected, they’ll gain access to a range of products from the Litmus suite, including the ePro library, device and sensor integration, mobile apps, and the new Study Hub which, tracks “each study’s progress and surface population-wide trends.” They’ll also receive up to 100 enrollments, 18 months of continuous usage, and one terabyte of data storage.

Access to these resources should be especially compelling to faculty members and professors in the academic setting who are publishing in the mobile health space.Litmus Health