Uninsured Virginians will now have a mobile option to find easy access to low-cost and free medicine on their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to backing from Owens & Minor, Inc., the Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) developed the medication app as a complement to their web-based application called The Pharmacy Connection (TPC).

The Virginia Health Care Foundation is a public-private partnership focused on access to healthcare for uninsured patients. The Pharmacy Connection is a platform that points users to more than 3,000 medicines for chronic diseases available at low-to-no cost. Even before this health app, The Pharmacy Connection helped get 306,000 uninsured Virginians medicine for everything from depression to asthma. And according to VHCF Executive director Deborah Oswalt, the TPC is an indispensable tool for free clinics and community health centers, stating:

“Volunteers at free clinics may donate their expertise and diagnose a condition, but for the most part, a patient needs prescription medicine to treat the illness. The reason this is such an important initiative is that securing medicine is the critical link to stabilize patients and improve their health.”

We’ve seen a growing number of medication apps focused on helping patients get medications at lower cost. GoodRx, which allows consumers to shop for the best drug prices, is one of the first in this group that we reviewed and perhaps the best known. Blink Health, who just recently partnered with Eli Lilly to provide low-cost insulin, is another popular medication app for patients, that helps users find lower cost medications. This latest medication app from the VHCF seems to make use of pharmaceutical company programs to provide free medications to uninsured patients.