A new collaboration between asthma medical app creator Propeller Health and Swiss drug company Novartis hopes to let those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) breathe a little easier.

Propeller combines an add-on sensor with a mobile app. It records when and where the medication is taken. It allows users to input the reason why. This gives patients and clinicians metrics that can be used to tailor a personalized treatment program. The company claims that users have 70% fewer attacks and up to 50% more symptom-free days and gives them more control over their condition.

The new partnership means that Novartis’ COPD inhaler line Breezhaler will now be compatible with Propeller.

In a statement, Propeller’s CEO stated:

“We’re excited to work with the team at Novartis to connect the Breezhaler device to the Propeller platform. The addition of this major respiratory franchise represents an important next step in our mission to bring valuable digital companions to everyone’s respiratory treatments.”

Propeller has had somewhat of a meteoric rise in the mobile health and telemedicine field since its first FDA clearance two years ago. We’ve already covered Propeller’s partnership with other pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline. And last year, they signed with over 45 health care systems and won American Telemedicine Association’s President’s Award for Innovation in Remote Healthcare.

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