Global Kinetics, the Australian makers of wearable devices and mobile medical apps, recently announced that the latest version of their Personal KinetiGraph received a CE marking.

The PKG is part smartwatch, part patient-adherence device, and activity tracker that records and helps manage movement disorders. It is especially useful for patients with Parkinson’s disease who need to monitor their movement to ensure proper care and titration. The watch-like device can be worn around the clock.

Prescribing the right dose of medication for Parkinson’s patients is key to treatment success but is often difficult due to patient self-monitoring and the fact that everyone metabolizes the medication differently. The PKG makes it easy for neurologists to see how their patients are reacting to treatment and gives patients a reminder to stick to their regimen providing both parties accurate and objective metrics.

iMedicalApp’s editor Dr. Iltifat Husain wrote about the original version of the device when it received FDA approval in 2014. Since then, some welcomed upgrades have been added to this version. According to Global Kinetics, this model “is similar to a smartwatch and includes a vibrating alarm and LED light for medication reminders. It is also now water resistant so that it may be worn continuously.”

The company hopes to roll out the device to 12 European Union countries over the next few months with a full roll out to come later.