Kentucky-based health care provider Humana hopes that their newly launched Goal Guru will help employers become more involved in the health of their workers. The mobile app is part guide, part fitness tracker, part content provider, and it’s available on any device that uses iOS or Android. This is part of a recent trend by companies to provide health and wellness programs to increase employee satisfaction and overall well-being using mobile technology. IBM, for example, gives employees battling cancer access to a program that utilizes a collaboration of the company’s super computer Watson and Good Doctors.

Goal Guru collects data from a variety of sources like fitness wearables and mobile apps. The users can take part in competitions, keep tabs on coworkers’ goals, and create a health community within the company. As anyone who’s participated in an office fitness challenge knows, they can become pretty complicated pretty quickly. Not to mention other’s progress is often ambiguous. But this handy app also allows for customized individual team and group challenges that users can keep track of 24/7, and you can make sure Bob from accounting doesn’t blindside you with his five-pound weight loss on the last weigh in.

Vice President of Wellness for Humana, Kristen Mullen, said in a press release:

“Humana is happy to provide employers with resources, like Goal Guru, that focus on the importance of employees’ physical, financial, mental and social health…The app allows users to socially motivate or ‘nudge’ each other to influence positive behaviors and healthy habits. Services like this give us valuable information on employees, their health care costs and overall employer satisfaction so that we can ensure they are receiving the best resources possible.”

It’s not just good for employees but organizations themselves. Humana found that 67% of employees who participated in wellness programs have shown a much higher enthusiasm in the overall objectives and mission of the company they work for.

Available for iOS and Android