Propeller Health recently received their eighth FDA clearance, now adding Glaxo-Smith-Kline’s (GSK) Ellipta inhaler to the list of asthma & COPD medications with which their smart inhaler attachment works.

Propeller’s smart inhaler tracks usage of both controller and short-acting bronchodilators, sending that data to a linked health app. Patients can use this health app to track other things like symptoms and potential triggers. Other companies, like Adherium, have similar offerings as well.

Propeller Health received their first FDA clearance several years ago. Over the subsequent years, they’ve grown the list of inhalers that are compatible with their smart inhaler attachment. They’ve also expanded their offerings, targeting employers and insurers with asthma & COPD management programs using their smart inhalers that promise to improve control and reduce costs.

With several successful funding rounds, there is clearly a lot of enthusiasm. More importantly, though, the evidence base is also being built to demonstrate it actually has an impact. A moderate size study from a California health system suggested there may be a reduction in use of short-acting bronchodilators when using Propeller’s smart inhaler. And it’s not just Propeller – Adherium has some encouraging data in fairly large studies as well.

And we will probably see that evidence base continue to grow. Both the Childrens Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) and Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati have ongoing trials testing benefits in pediatric populations.

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