The Sinai AppLab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has developed a new system-wide program called RxUniverse. The digital platform gives doctors the option of prescribing apps that have been evaluated for efficacy and have been incorporated into a digital delivery system.

It works the same way prescribing medicine does: The doctor goes to the patient’s EMR, opens their chart and selects an app, or several, from a curated list of medical health applications. Then, a link to the application is sent directly to the patient. RxUniverse doesn’t just prescribe apps, the platform digitally prescribes educational content, surveys and other tools to individuals or entire populations of people.

When the pilot program for RxUniverse launched in August 2016, researchers hoped that doctors would prescribe at least 100 apps over the course of the trial. The results exceeded their expectations with over 2,000 apps prescribed at point of care. Due to this success, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners teamed up with the Sinai AppLab to create a new startup company called Responsive Health. This collaboration aims to license RxUnivesre for use in other health network systems.

“As the pace of innovation in digital medicine accelerates, there will be increasing demand for the ability to quickly integrate new apps into our health care systems,” Kenneth L Davis Mount Sinai’s President and CEO stated in a press release. “Mount Sinai is proud to be at the forefront of digital medicine and dedicated to streamlining the eHealth care delivery model to further our mission to provide world-class care to our patients.”